Linerizer Install

Open package.

CONNECT using COUPLER. COUPLER in boiling water 1 minute makes connecting easy. Avoid bending COUPLER.

HANG Linerizers. Use 4th hook from left and right for common 12 hook setup, otherwise choose hooks about 1 foot from left and right end when Shower Liner spread fully. Place between outer decorative Shower Curtain and Shower Liner if applicable.

Adjust BUMPERs for Tub contact if necessary.

2 C-CLIPs per Linerizer: Verify Linerizer hangs freely and straight on outside of Tub and clip Shower Liner vertically straight. Remove Shower Liner slack (not tight) between TOP and first C-CLIP position (about 1 foot below TOP), then clip at inside Tub side by supporting ROD with Shower Liner around it to press C-CLIP onto ROD. Similarly, clip second C-CLIP (about a half foot above Tub top edge) after removing slack between first C-CLIP and second C-CLIP position.

Spread Shower Curtain/Liner fully between Linerizers for use.