Linerizer Install (verbose)

INVENTORY.1: Open package.

INVENTORY.2: There will be at least 1 spare COUPLER and 1 spare C-CLIP.

CONNECT.1.1: Use best fitting COUPLERs to connect. It is better to use a COUPLER that is too tight than one that does not fit tight. Place COUPLER in boiling water 1 minute to make connecting easy. If your tap water is hot, place in cup of hot tap water for 1 minute. You can also place COUPLER in cereal bowl with 1/4 inch of water, and then into Microwave for 40 seconds. Dry the heated COUPLER for easy handling and connecting. Translucent COUPLERs makes it easy to know that RODs are each pushed in half way. For the nearly impossible circumstance no COUPLERs fit tightly, the BUMPER or TOP can be moved to the opposite ROD end for a ROD end that will fit COUPLER better.

CONNECT.1.2: Keep connected Linerizers straight so as to avoid bending gravity-hang-designed COUPLER. Intentionally bending COUPLER can damage it. Stand Linerizers in a corner if need time to survey or prepare the Shower Liner. The Shower Liner should never be dragging on the bottom of the Tub, and should not be so far off the bottom of the Tub that it easily escapes the Tub. Installing a curved curtain rod, or a straight curtain rod slightly outward away from the Tub, provides more room to take a shower.

HANG.1.1: Hang 1 of 2. Use 4th hook from left and right for common 12 hook setup when hanging Linerizer pair, otherwise choose hooks about 1 to 1.5 feet from left and right end when Shower Liner spread fully. Place between outer decorative Shower Curtain and Shower Liner if outer Shower Curtain used.

HANG.1.2: Adjust BUMPER 1 of 2 for Tub contact if necessary. BUMPERS have Arm and Hammer baking soda inside to help slide. For Tubs with multiple vertical contact points, remove BUMPER to cut and reinstall multiple BUMPERS. Squeeze BUMPER flat for making a straight cut. BUMPERs are made of medical grade silicone sponge which can be adjustably shortened, lengthened, stretched long to make thinner, or squeezed short for more girth.

HANG.2.1: Hang 2 of 2.

HANG.2.2: Adjust BUMPER 2 of 2 if necessary.

CLIP.1: Be mindful of clipping a vertical line with respect to the Shower Liner. Use vertical folds of a new Shower Liner to visually guide how to clip straight up and down. Upper C-CLIPs should be about 1 foot below TOP of Linerizer. Lower C-CLIPs should be about a half foot above Tub top Edge. C-CLIPs can be clipped at inside Tub side of Shower Liner from inside Tub or outside Tub using same technique of pinching/pressing them onto ROD. Do not make Shower Liner tight between C-CLIPS, and between TOP and upper C-CLIP so as to interfere with the Linerizer hanging at rest from the hook -- only remove slack.

CLIP.2.1: 2 C-CLIPs for each Linerizer: Verify Linerizer hangs freely and straight on outside of Tub and clip Shower Liner vertically straight. Remove Shower Liner slack (not tight) between TOP and first C-CLIP position (about 1 foot below TOP), then clip by supporting ROD with Shower Liner around it to squeeze C-CLIP onto ROD. Removing too much slack between upper first C-CLIP position and TOP can cause the Linerizer to move up off the hook, so ensure Linerizer truly hanging.

CLIP.2.2: Similarly, clip second C-CLIP (about a half foot above Tub top edge) after removing slack between first C-CLIP and second C-CLIP position. While pictures show clipping from inside Tub, clips are conveniently squeezed onto a ROD from outside Tub with fingers and thumbs on opposite sides of the ROD.

ENJOY!: Spread Shower Liner fully between Linerizers for use.

C-CLIP Removal (Pull): Care for the Shower Liner when removing a C-CLIP. Using a fingernail or tool to remove a C-CLIP can damage the Shower Liner. Avoid putting pressure on Shower Liner at C-CLIP corners to avoid puncturing the Shower Liner. The ROD can be supported from front while other hand reaches around and pulls off one end (top or bottom first) of the C-CLIP with flesh of fingers.

C-CLIP Removal (Visual): The ROD can be supported while other hand directly pulls off one end (top or bottom first) of the C-CLIP with flesh of fingers.

C-CLIP Removal (Push): The ROD can be supported from outside Tub while flesh of thumbs push off one end (top or bottom first) of the C-CLIP. You'll have your own method that works best while avoiding pressure on C-CLIP corners and always using flesh of fingers.